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Digging for Oil is Tapping into the Past

Armen Nahabedian, CEO, President, and Director of Citadel Exploration, Inc., and others in the oil and natural gas industry bring to consumers resources that are millions of years old. Though you may not realize it, the gas you pump into your car comes from an organism that lived before the dinosaurs. The oil Armen Nahabedian’s teams look for, which is eventually processed into useable gasoline, was created by diatoms—tiny sea creatures that lived 300 million years ago. By tapping into layers of rock miles underneath the surface, experts such as Armen Nahabedian actually reach back into Earth’s pre-history.

All fossil fuels–coal, oil, and natural gas–come from previously living beings, both plant and animal. Hundreds of millions of years ago these living organisms, such as diatoms, absorbed energy from the sun or food, stored it in their bodies, and eventually died. Layers and layers of sediment and rock eventually covered their bodies. The rocks compressed the dead organisms so that energy contained in the bodies could not escape. As the earth’s layers shifted and continued to compress this energy over millions of years, coal, oil, and gas formed.


Citadel Exploration’s Commitment to Health, Safety, and Environmental Protection By Armen Nahabedian

Over the course of its operation, Citadel Exploration has dedicated itself to placing the highest priority on attending to matters of health, safety, and the environment while exploring the state of California for oil and gas. The company is committed to ensuring the security of its employees, contractors, and neighboring communities and manages its facilities in a manner that preserves and protects the California landscape. This devotion to community and environment has been developed over the course of several generations of California oil prospecting, as the current company represents the fourth subsequent generation to explore the region.

About the Author: Before launching his career in oil and gas production, Armen Nahabedian served in Operation Iraqi Freedom as a United States Marine. Upon completing his service, he became the fourth generation of his family to go into the oil business. Since 2011, he has served as the President, Chief Executive Officer, and Director of Citadel Explorations.

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